Friday, 2 September 2011

Chromebooks AREN'T dead.

I was reading another article on ZDNet a few days back about the Chromebook being dead before it's even begun to reach big popularity.

I want to make a blog post about this, I don't think the Chromebook is dead by any means, I want to get a Chromebook some day. While I do agree with the last paragraph there about it being more economic to just have an Android tablet, it's cheaper and isn't any different to the Chromebook really aside from maybe a slight hardware difference.

Let me just quickly run through my thought on this. Things like my Android phone and the tablet are just devices I use and carry around with me while I'm on the move, devices that I can just quickly jump onto Facebook and Twitter and check out my daily news feeds for things, where as the Chromebook like any laptop based device is something I can sit down with, plug in my USB mouse and compile blog posts and such.

Secondly, in terms of security and reliability, I've been a very happy Google product consumer for a while now and Google have made me proud with how quick they jump on vulnerabilities. It's a fair point to say if Chromebook's do become the more popular laptop device in the coming years, yes we will see malware for Chromebook's, we've already seen a test of that at Blackhat 2011, but compared to Microsoft, lets just say I trust Google way more.

Lastly, Chromebook is just something different that I want to try personally. Windows has ruled for many years and still will do but it has too many extra features for me, I don't use them all and as we have seen, Chromebook is just much lighter on resources as it's just a browser, that's all people really want to do nowadays.

It seems another member of ZDNet agree's with me, a new article concerning the article I linked to at the top appeared 3 days back.

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