Friday, 29 July 2011

Infected hardrives for sale?

Buying a new hardrive, bound to the harmless right?

In an article published by HNS (HelpNetSecurity), an Australian supermarket ALDI was selling hardrive that were infected with the Conficker worm.

The company now asks anyone who bought a hardrive from them for it to be returned.

The thing is though, how many customers will have used their hardrive before they were alerted to this issue? I see a lot of machines everyday that still use the autorun feature in Windows, and even more machines with old outdated software on them.

This also raises another question, people who use these old(er) machines that run with plenty of security holes left open, how often do they run an antivirus scan?

I know not everyone is tech savvy, but a simple thing like switching off autorun can (to some degree) prevent the Conficker worm activating from external media. Think about it before you buy your next piece of external hardware, the bad guys are hiding everywhere and picking up an infection nowadays is getting harder to avoid.

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