Saturday, 12 May 2012

Facebook & Censorship

Facebook is starting to become more trouble than its worth - the thing that made me want to wrote this blog post is the whole thing with employers wanting access to employees personal Facebook accounts. I know I'm not alone when I say that is a total violation of a persons right to privacy, and thankfully congress is passing a new bill/act that will prohibit employers from doing this.

 On a similar subject, news also appeared recently of school teachers wanting to know what students are up to outside of school grounds, again using Facebook to do so. Again this is in violation to students privacy and has nothing to do with teachers once students are outside school grounds.

Something else I saw on the BBC News website, an article about bouncers wanting to check peoples phones to logon to Facebook as a way of ID. I can't be alone when I say that Facebook has had its day and needs to just roll over and die, its becoming far more trouble than its actually worth.

Anyhow, that's just my view on Facebook, its creating far too many messy legal situations and I think it needs to stop. Now, onto my second subject of this blog post - internet censorship.

Its been all over internet news websites about ISP's being ordered to block their users from accessing The Pirate Bay, so far its mostly started happening in the UK, so far Orange and Virgin Media have blocked users from accessing TPB.

TalkTalk apparently have also blocked it but this has yet to be confirmed. Its still early to tell what effect this will have on TPB long term but so far the only effect its had is increase traffic surge on TPB. However there are a few sites out there sharing tips and tools that can be used to circumvent censorship - the high courts are also trying to censor sites that help users circumvent these censors which is wrong. I can understand "maybe" wanting to block TPB due to piracy, bit blocking sites that fight for internet freedom is wrong, these sites are not doing any wrong, so I'll be this blog post on this note.

To all ISP's & the high court, as long as things like VPN's exist and TOR browser then you will NEVER censor everyone no matter how hard you try.

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