Friday, 18 May 2012

Microsoft Digging Their Own Grave?

Saw this article posted at ComputerWorld last week and just got round to posting this now.
Microsoft are going to disallow Firefox *and* Chrome on Windows 8, and Mozilla respond by saying "it probably isn't worth it to build a W8 version of Firefox as it would be "crippled".

I can only see it ending badly for MS, and pulling a stunt like this makes me think just how do Microsoft propose to attract consumers to windows 8? I myself use Ubuntu and it really makes me think, are Microsoft digging their own grave? Take note in the mobile device world, Android is dominating due to its open source nature.

Now look at MS - UEFI/Secure Boot that may disable users from dual booting with Linux, and now locking out Firefox and Chrome? Well done MS, keep alienating what customers you have left.

I sense a lot of anti-competitive and anti-trust lawsuits heading their way, although other 3rd party developers may go with Mozilla on this and just don't bother with MS and Windows anymore. Sure MS and Windows will always be the bigger OS, but they are slowly pushing their more techy customers away.

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