Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trapwire & NDAA

I known I've written about Obama and his wrong doings to the US before about attacking Iran, but I am totally sick of him now, NDAA has been fairly low news compared to the other bills like SOPA but this has to stop now.

NDAA in short, allows the gov to hold people/imprison people indefinitely without any evidence at all, and is pretty much Obama's way of silencing people like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning without a fair trial.

This is truly sickening, the US was founded and based on freedom and allowed everyone the same rights, the right to a fair trial and what I thought was "innocent until proven otherwise", guess not anymore?


Trapwire recently made headlines originating from the Stratfor emails obtained by Anonymous hackers. It uses advanced facial recognition technology to track people, and is said to be ahead of it's time. So far the companies using such things don't cooperate with the other companies using it but is said that they might consider sharing details.

I like many refuse to ignore this thinking it will just go away, how can the (corrupt) governments say they want to keep us safe by violating our privacy and constantly wanting to know where we are and what we are doing.

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