Wednesday, 17 October 2012

And on the subject of NDAA...

Very quick addition blog post.

Big Congrats to Gary for not being extradited to the US. Whether he did or didn't do what he is accused of is a different matter, but hopefully he can be tried here in the UK, his home country.

What were the chances of him bring NDAA'd in the US anyway?

The last bit of news to cover is regarding the recent news of the suicide of the 15yr old girl Amanda. She killed herself a few days back after posting a very emotional video, detailing her suffering of online bullying.

Today Anonymous got wind of the story, and decided to take action. They published a paste in doxing a person who they claim is Amanda's stalker.

There have been any opinions on this from different people, but the main question is should we be allowed to name and shame the individual? Personally yes - if anonymous has the correct information then people can learn from this and better protect their children online and prevent this from happening again.

Here's a part that caught my eye. The police and FBI say this also is a crime, a form of online vigilante. I guess it might be, but at the same time, does that mean naming and shaming, and bringing awareness of the dangers from a certain individual is a crime?

Posting names and pictures of pedo's online is a crime? That makes lots of sense.

Pointless Debate

Even though I'm not American, I'm gonna post this anyway.

I try not to follow the presidential debate between Obama vs Romney too much, nor do I follow politicians too closely anyway, a lot of them eventually backtrack on promises they make and sooner or later, greed and corruption starts to appear.

After reading my Twitter timeline last night regarding the debate, many of the people I'm following all say the same thing - holding out for comments regarding matters the US govs don't want to discuss isn't going to happen. Thanks to @ioerror for this tweet:

I wish that the #debate would cover #NDAA, #assassinationbydrone and #NSAWarrantlessWiretapping - I guess I won't hold my breath.

I'm mainly referring NDAA and drone strikes. If you don't know what they are, I covered NDAA in a past blog post so feel free to read that or Google for more information.

I think its sickening how US media is just refusing to cover some of the biggest issues and problems in US politics today, and its frankly shocking how if the people want information that they have to turn to people like David Seaman, or RT. Not that I'm complaining or anything, David and the Russian Gov/RT are doing an awesome job in putting out information the govs would rather see kept silent, I just think its so twisted - the shit job Obama managed to do - turn the US into a police state.

I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one who thinks along the lines of "fuck this I have better things to do" when it comes the the debates. I'm not discouraging you from watching/listening to the debates, but neither of them are in it "for the people" so to speak.

Anyway I'll end this by saying vote Romney or don't vote at all, I guarantee neither is a good choice, they are both gonna make the US a worse place to live.