Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Adding TOR Into Chrome

On this independence day, here is a quick tutorial on how to add TOR into Google Chrome.

TOR will allow you browse the internet privately & anonymously.

For this to work, you will need the Tor Browser bundle installed, you can find that here

Download and install, save the folder it extracts to somewhere you can access easily like the Desktop.

You will also need Proxy Switchy addon for Chrome, which you can find here

Once both are installed, make sure you are connected to the TOR network.

Once you are, open the Proxy Switchy options (should automatically open once the addon is installed). Make the profile name TOR like you see in the image below.

Make sure you are set to manual configuration, set your HTTP Proxy to and the port to 8118 & tick the box that says Use the same proxy server for all protocols and press Save.

Now jump over to the General tab, tick the box to activate Quick Switch. Next, Binary Switch will already be ticked, but both drop down boxes below will be set to [Direction Connection]

Set Profile 2 to your TOR profile & press Save.

Now in Chrome, you can switch between normal browsing, or browsing under TOR using the addons button in your top right.

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