Monday, 25 July 2011

In recent news...

BBC did an article recently about Sony hiding behind insurance companies in regards to the data breach back on April, see the article here:

Zurich American Insurance has now gone to court in New York seeking a declaration that it does not have to help Sony with current or future legal action related to the data breach.

Legal papers filed by Zurich reveal that 55 separate class action lawsuits are pending in the US because of the breach.

Also underway are investigations by state and federal regulators that could also end-up before the courts.

Sony has made claims on several of its insurance policies, including one with Zurich, to help pay its legal bills and provide compensation.

However, Zurich argues that the policy it set up for Sony does not cover the part of the business that suffered the breach or the sort of damage the theft caused.

Why should anyone help Sony? it was their lack of security that caused this, they care more about money than they do about customer service and customer safety.

Let me explain what I mean. I watched day after day of new attacks on Sony, investigations in the the sony breach showed that Sony KNEW that they were using old outdated Apache software on their servers with no firewall installed.

But anyway, Sony are now trying to hide behind their insurance companies to help pay for their screw-ups, I don't see why anyone has to help Sony, this was their problem and they could of prevented this from happening.

Let me rewind a bit though, back before the attacks started. As a wise person once said "How did this happen? Who's to blame?" Look how long the PS3 went without a jailbreak because customers loved what the PS3 offered. When they removed Linux, they messed with the tech boys community and that's one group of folks you don't want to mess with. This all started when Sony removed Linux from the PS3. I'll show it in a chain of events, like this:

Sony remove Linux from PS3 > Geohot jailbreak to put Linux back > Sony targeted Geohot and other hackers with legal action > Sony requested sites to remove jailbreak software > Anonymous & LulzSec got involved.

If they didn't remove Linux and started targeting hackers, would any of this of happened? Think about it.

Looking back at my other article about Sony, see the fact of their poor customer service, their bad reputation and now PSN is back up, their poor attempt at getting customers back with crap games that are years old.

I wont ever use a Sony product ever again.

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