Monday, 25 July 2011

Rant #1

There was an article on ZDNet the other day about MS wanting Windows 8 (when it's released) to kill the zombies of XP and Vista users, but this doesn't seem like MS are planning this out carefully.

Can W8 kill XP? To me, no, not straight away. Aslong as MS support XP still, then I have no reason to change my OS, XP doesnt use as much memory as the others. Oh and it was the UAC that turned me away from Vista, yes it can be switched off but the "Do I want to run this program?" - no I just opened it for fun, of course I want to run it, that's why I double clicked on it. Vista just felt more restricted than XP to me.

But I honestly think it will be much harder than MS are planning, you get stubborn people like me who refuse to change OS, killing XP wont be easy, there will be a big outcry by people cause XP is still loved by many. They originally wanted 7 to kill XP and it's still going, MS need a very big incentive for people to move onto W8, cause the Linux/OSX competition is growing as well.

I don't want to have to learn a new GUI layout, I like my XP, I know where everything is and I don't want that to change.

Even if I was (on my last breathe) forced to update to Windows 8, I'd go looking for an XP theme, I don't like the glass look, I like the Start button more than that Windows flag icon, I don't like the buttons for your stuff along the bottom, I prefer the tabs like look of XP.

Now, MS also will have the upcoming competition of the Google ChromeBook, I'm still tempted into that, and if MS pushed me away from Windows, I know I'd go to either Linux or Chrome.

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