Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Day Apple Died?

Fairly certain by now 90% of the internet has heard Steve Jobs has passed away after his long hard fight with Cancer.

I want to keep this seperate from the other thread, but quite a few people across several sites now saying today is the day Apple died. Apple the company will live on, but a lot of people saying Steve put the love into Apple products and they wont the same without him.

Apple are fighting Android as hard as they can, but the demand of the public for open source and freeware is just too great and Android is attracting lots of people, but Apple are just one company, Google has many companies working on the Android project as a whole, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola and now Amazon Kindle using the Android OS, will Apple still stand as strong as they once did? Is there any flare left in Apple now?

I agree Crush. I forgot to mention Motorola and the Intel deal Google have for their Android hardware.

Steve will always be remembered for what he did, revolutionizing the computer industry, but will Apple really want to fight this patent war with Amazon as well now? I'm sure Amazon wouldn't mind siding with the awesome power that be Google, Apple have taken a major blow today and I can't see fighting Amazon would be a good move, that would only push them right into Googles arms, that would only end up as a Apple loss Google win situation.

After the show Apple put on the other day (which wasn't at all impressive, rushed at best), it makes me wonder how much longer Apple will hold together.

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