Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lets Talk iPhone Event

Must say watching the event from a live blog posts updating every minute or so is no where near as entertaining as watching a proper live online flash stream, I hate having to sit and read, webcasts are the way forward, listening to updates while carrying on with my work is just my preference.

But anyway, my thoughts right? overall, not too bad I suppose if your an iPhone/Apple lover.

Apple started out talking about a few of the different products, iPad/iPod and the Mac OSX Lion, apple blathered on about how many apps were downloaded from the App Store, yeah high figures but that's Apple, kinda not suprising really, but nothing worth mentioning, just Apple adding hype.

Down to the actual things worth mentioning.

Apple announced a "Find My Friends" app that uses GPS and from the screenshot I've seen, it looks risky, it used pin pointing in an overhead eagle eye view showing who is where, don't think I want random people even if they are my friends knowing where I am unless I say so. But then again, how well do you know someone? if you have the GPS enabled, I can imagine it would pose a risk to burglary.

Apple then moved on to the new hardware in the phone. Mostly about the new dual core processor, and as stated in a blog post on Android And Me site, Android has been using dual core for a while now, it seems to me Apple are the ones playing catch up with the ever expanding Android. There was also the subject of data network speeds. So, the topic of selling prices for the 4S. 16GB - $199 32GB $299 64GB $399 that's quite a lot of money no matter which size version you go for, personally I don't know if it's worth it.

Fun fact: Apples shares dropped 3.6% at the announcement of the iPhone 4S... that doesn't seem right to me, a new product that carries the Apple brand, and Apple LOSE shares? LOL, oh well.

Honestly there is nothing in the 4S that my Galaxy S can't do, including the new camera hardware. My phone can do stunning 1080p HD quality pictures and not lose any quality in sports mode, under the fast shutter. Apple also threw in a quick slag off of Android phones, made a suggestion that an Android user could make a coffee while waiting to take a picture? no really Androids aren't that slow, screw you Apple you ego based jerks.

Siri, Apples voice recognition app now in the 4S, it can understand English US, UK and Australia, and German/French included and will be released as beta. ... I don't know, probably not worth it, my Android already has this for text messaging, searching, anything that requires the keyboard basically, but if I talked to it in another language, it uses Google Translate for me, this probably isn't something Apple will be able to do, although more and more languages will come to the 4S eventually I imagine.

The whole event seemed rushed and not enough detail on anything Apple showd off. Ah well, onwards as ever.

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  1. Most Android Phones can not understand contextual questions with their recognition and you need to use a syntax. Siri is different, in terms of how it can interpret any question thrown at it regardless of syntaxing or no syntaxing. Also "Find my Friends" uses invites and is incredibly secure as you can set up temporary times of which a user can track your location and invites need to be accepted before use. You can even turn it off at anytime too.