Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Google Music: I Don't See The Point In It?

Okay so today Google released their new Google Music service, it was a decent conference, you'll probably find the recorded version for playback on the Android Youtube channel soon.

Now me personally, I don't want to come off like I'm all for piracy because I'm not, but I seriously do think this whole Google Music stuff will only lead to piracy.

Someone buys a song, shares it over Google+, so their friends can listen it to once. Now, it's not exactly hard to go download Audacity to record the song as it's played back. Now the problem is, whoever does that has a free copy of whatever song, this person brags about it to his friends and ends up passing it to them, they pass it to their friends, etc.

Somewhere along that line, the file is uploaded to the internet via file hosts/P2P/torrents, and eventually ends up on Youtube, now people across the globe can listen to it whenever they want. I have Internet Download Manager installed on my machine and IDM allows me to download songs (including video) in flv format for FREE.

Now lets recap. Songs people have to BUY eventually end up on the internet, anyone who's anybody can get a copy of them for FREE. Problem Google?

Also, I noticed I can't download Google Music to my SGS phone as it's only for US people. Oh wait someone leaked the APK and now I do have Google Music.

That is all.

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