Thursday, 17 November 2011

Suing Acer; More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Acer are being sued in CA for misrepresentation. You can grab a copy of the document file here [pdf]

Acer sold some laptops that were supposed to come with OEM Recovery CD's and didn't. Obviously recovery CD's are very handy should something go wrong, and I'm guessing the person who filed this lawsuit isn't an advanced person when it comes to technology and computers. Yes Acer may have misrepresented it, but is going through (no doubt) months worth of court action, seeing lawyers, paying for lawyers, etc worth all this bother?

I see the point their making and it's a valid point, but it seems more trouble than it's worth.

I don't have any recovery discs for mine neither and yes my machine has died on me in the past and wouldn't boot no more, but seriously that's not the end of everything. I just boot Linux instead, open source, free to download the OS, free to burn to a CD, grab my data and format. Takes me what, 1hr maybe 2? that seems like less of a bother than going through months of court related stuff, having to pay for lawyers, etc

This costs me what? like £50 for a decent external 1TB HDD that hasn't failed on me in the past 3yrs, £10 for hundreds of blank CD's to put Linux on. £60 seems a good deal than bothering with courts if I'm honest. :\

I dunno, go figure.

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