Friday, 11 November 2011

Interview with Sony's CEO Howard Stringer

So once again, another article concerning Sony. Sony's CEO Howard Stringer was interviewed by The Street about the Sony breaches. article here.

The basic message was hackers didn't impact Sony too negatively, customers still came back. In a way, I suppose it's true, I find myself still loving my PS3, but not because of what most of todays customers see in the PS3.

Sure everyday customers see the PS3 for being able to play PS3 games both on/offline and play Blurays, but what do customers NOT know about the PS3? I can still play my PS3 games offline and play Bluray movies, but my PS3 is fully unlocked under my control. Mine is jailbroken with ReBug 3.55.2 - I get all the features including OtherOS++, where I've installed Ubuntu Linux. The PS3 market is split in 2 because of Sony, one half know the love the PS3 for games/PSN, the other half love it for it's ability to boot to Linux.

But anyway, back to the article.

"The target opportunity was a revenge attack, initially -- it was because we went after a hacker who hacked PlayStation," he said. "PlayStation is vital to us, and so we were afraid that it would essentially destroy a PlayStation."

What I find funny about the article is he doesn't say why people want revenge on Sony. Good point - why would people want revenge on Sony? Lets think shall we?

1. Arresting GeoHot
2. Arresting Graf_Chokolo
3. Sending DMCA's to sites like Github
4. Arresting others hackers

and those are just the upfront facts, do I need to mention Sonys fucked up TOS? If you take a moment to read them, you'll find they are basically screwing you in the ass. THAT is why you were attacked Sony, but we all know they will never say out loud for fear of embarrassment.

He's scared of the PS being destroyed? Sorry Howard, may as well get working on the PS4, the PS3 is the most open console on the market, with both hardware and software exploits, what other console offers Bluray playback + Linux + games? As a person who loves freedom, the so called "hackers" are the ones who are probably bringing more love to the PS3 than Sony ever could, a lot of the Linux community loves the PS3.

But anyway, that's just how I feel about it.

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