Wednesday, 23 November 2011

HTC Mistreating Customers

This a somewhat controversial topic, don't like it then don't read it but if you care about internet freedom, please help spread this.

HTC/Samsung and possibly other companies are installing rootkits in Android phones, coded into the kernel and it hides in the memory. No this rootkit isn't "malicious", but it's installed [B]without your consent or knowledge[/B] and collects data on you.

One developer who goes by the name of TrevE over at XDA-Developers has blogged about this rootkit, and within the first 24hrs of his information being released, lawsuits are being filed on him by HTC that all his info and research has to be pulled down and must issue a public apology to HTC and has 24hrs to do it. HTC do this so he didn't have time to seek legal advice. Guess what? he got legal advice from EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), who came to his aid.

Congratulations HTC, you pissed off the Android community and now you will pay for it. Any dev is advised to dev the hell out of any HTC phone and find out what else HTC is upto.

Also, am I the only one wondering what will happen if this mistreatment continues? I'm sure we all remember what happened to Sony when our brothers from Anonymous stepped in? we wouldn't want the same to happen to HTC would we?

Just a quote from the video, but isn't this the same thing?

Hello Sony

It has come to our unfortunate attention that you have decided to interupt the free flow of information. As you well know from other acts performed by Anonymous, that we will not stand for this.
By sueing Geo Hot, and attempting to view the IP addresses of those who watched his videos, you have angered the hive.

I've bolded the parts that are relevant to this situation. Anyone agree?

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