Thursday, 22 September 2011

Google+ - Think Twice

I read NakedSecurity's article on Google+ this morning, warning users about the dangers of privacy when joining Google+.

Hopefully I aren't just repeating their article, but I wanna post my own here.

1. When joining Google+, you can't join anonymously, you have to provide your real name and may be asked to provide evidence that you are who you say you are, in the form of a government document such as passport or birth certificate.

Sorry, but everyday, security experts tell people to not give out personal information online, hell, even Google themself usually give us options to be able to hide our indentity, but all that goes out the window with G+ it seems.

But this rule it seems goes out the window as well if your a celebrity or just any person in general that brings in good SEO. William James Adams of the Black Eyed Peas is now a member of G+ using the name "" as his first name, and "." as his second name.

Hey Google, I think you need to suspend that account - it breaks the rules right? oh wait that probably wont happen, although your more than welcome to prove me wrong Google. A warning to the public - Information entered on Google+ may be shared with Google and other 3rd party outside sources for Google's own SEO purposes.

To say Google hyped this to be a Facebook killer, right now I can't see that happening. Honestly Google, if you want to be able to challenge Facebook, you need to sort your shit out and fast, cause Google+ is set for failure. Sure Google+ might grow and be quite popular, it will only be popular to those who choose to give up their personal information to you, but I wont be one of them.

A last note from me. Hey Google - My G+ account uses my pseudo online name.... whatcha gonna do about it?

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