Monday, 26 September 2011

W8 Secure Boot System

I was reading this article on ZDNet this afternoon, followed by a quick read of this article.

Both articles concerning the "Secure Boot" system of W8, blocking the use of Linux. I was talking to a colleague about this a few days back, he said MS are trying to protect their "customers" by not allowing unsigned code.

Fair enough I can see his point, but using a system like that, I just can't agree with it. You may want to keep me safe, but at the same time your going to tell me the ability to use Linux is there - but the risk of malware also exists, so therefore I'm not allowed to have control over my own computer? Supposedly, your customers are "kept safe" under this system as long as they agree to play by your rules? frankly MS, you piss me off.

Hey MS, who are you to decide this? I'll do what I want with *MY* computer thank you very much, you need to take a leaf out of Google's book. My Android gives me the option to run unsigned code - yes the warning is shown but they give me the option, the exact opposite of what your doing.

Shame on you MS - this kind of thing I would expect from Sony. I can't help but think your screwing with the wrong people MS, has no one learned what happened to Sony when they removed Linux from the PS3, or is it just me? Oh well, you lost me as a Windows user.

So, who's still going to Windows 8 now?

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