Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sony's new TOS - Hey Sony, You Suck

I posted PDF document to my Twitter but I'll post here as well, Sony changed their TOS today to include even tighter and more restrictive rules on it's customers.

PDF Document of new T.O.S

With this new TOS, as a customer, you have to agree that you lose your right to sue Sony no matter what, they've gone through this in quite some depth.

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is an alternative method of resolving disputes in which two parties present their individual sides of a complaint to a arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. The arbitrator, who is supposed to be neutral, then weighs the facts and arguments of both parties and decides the dispute. Arbitration may be voluntary or mandatory.

What is mandatory binding arbitration?

In mandatory binding arbitration, a company requires a consumer to agree to submit any dispute that may arise to binding arbitration prior to completing a transaction with the company. The consumer is required to waive their right to sue, to participate in a class action lawsuit, or to appeal.

Quote from PS3Hax:
Throughout most of the T.O.S, you will see loads of red text and red lines running through text, one thing that caught my eye was the striking out of key words like purchasing and owning, that were replaced with “licensing”, so what that basically means, that any product you “buy”, is no longer yours as you are only licensing it, or in other words renting it, until such times Sony removes that service/feature.

It's been said before that Sony try and claim anything you buy from them still belongs to them, but honestly, screw what Sony think, my PS3 is legally and rightfully mine, I paid for it.

Sony are an evil company. The facts are on the internet, look at their history. The DRM rootkit (malware) that their CD's installed on victims machines that they were sued for. Took Linux away from us on PS3, when they advertised the PS3 for it's Linux ability, hacked by LulzSec and other hackers, and rightfully so, I can't stand Sony and I refuse to side with them, even if they get hacked, I wont defend Sony at all.

This new TOS is complete bullshit, I haven't updated my PS3 since OFW 3.55 because I refuse to agree to their TOS/TOC and I hope more people jump ship away from Sony and the PS3, I hope people actually read the TOS before agreeing to it, it's just 1 big trap.

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