Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Chrome extensions

For those of you out there that use Facebook as well as other platforms like Twitter for news or just want to see only relevant information and need a way to hide anything that isn't useful, like the sponsored box? or friends are friends with other peoples, here's some helpful Chrome extensions that I use.

The first, Facebook Purity. http://goo.gl/Wej8V

Once installed you may want to configure it just a bit, but I use it to hide anything I don't want to see, give it a try, it's worth it.

Once configured to meet your needs, it add a little bar at the top of your Facebook news feed, to show/hide items that you have chosen to be hidden, it's very simple to use and filters all the useless crap.

Second, have you ever wanted to shorten a URL really really quickly? if so, use this extension. goo.gle Shortener Lite: http://goo.gl/NW3s3

It will add a little button to the top right of your Chrome window, and when you want to shorten a URL, just press it and there you have it, a short goo.gl URL.

There is also another blog post, listing a nice collection of extensions for Chrome, specifically for those who work in computer security, worth looking at and installing a few.

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