Thursday, 11 August 2011

Facebook & Phone Numbers Exposed

So it appears Facebook have added a sneaky setting very quietly to be Facebook Mobile settings and this is *by default*, a big security risk. Facebook expose your mobile phone number with people who you may not want to share it with.

Here's a screenshot from my list of contacts. I've removed their names and numbers to respect their privacy.

One of my friends there is an old friend from college, I never had this mobile phone number but now apparently Facebook gives me it because of this new stupid feature they put in.

Those who use Facebook Mobile from your smart phone, please switch off contact sync so Facebook doesn't get your contacts from your phones contact book.

I don't really like nor do I appreciate Facebook doing this, I use my phone for my Facebook login approval settings, I trusted Facebook with my number and now they want to give it away to others without my permission?

I'd advice everyone to disable that option so others can't get your phone number.

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