Monday, 15 August 2011

Google buys Motorola

Todays big news, Google has bought Motorola for the price of 12.5 billion.

Quote from ZDNet:
While Motorola Mobility will remain a licensee of Android, and Android will remain as an open operating system, Motorola Mobility will act as a separate business under the arm of Google.

There has been many contributors towards the Android OS and why is has been so successful in it's market share of recent, and that's down to the openness of Android, and it's exactly the reason I chose Android over the other smart phones.

Others think Google just bought themselves a lawsuit however, Microsoft were suing Motorola for Android patent infringement, and Microsoft could potentially sue Google now, as Motorola is now working under Google. This would be a decent court room fight to see, not many companies would think of going against Apple or Microsoft in court just because of how much money each company has, but the 1 company that is strong enough to fight Microsoft, would happen to be Google.

I imagine if MS are still fighting Motorola, I can see MS settling and coming to an agreement. My thoughts if they went to a court room battle, MS vs Google directly over this, I can't see MS winning; it's more about which company has more money and looking at how much Google make every day alone, MS wouldn't be on the winning end.

With Google taking up more and more market share for the Android OS, Microsoft will also need to do the same if they ever want to (at the very least) get their Windows Mobile OS out into the market, and one way they could do this, would be to buy out RIM (Research In Motion), the makers of the BlackBerry phone, just to try and even the battlefield for Microsoft a little bit more. This has yet to be seen, but it's one way MS could counter attack Googles newest purchase, some say MS will buy Nokia or RIM, others say they wont.

With Google and Microsoft are going at each other on the mobile OS war, I'd love to see Google slap Microsoft down a peg or two, would Microsoft even dare to fight Google? that would be a good lawsuit to watch.

I guess we shall see in the coming days/weeks how this unfolds.

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