Wednesday, 10 August 2011

"Phone Hacking" has go to stop

Yet again another morning, I check my Twitter feed to see another person being arrested under the suspicion of phone hacking.

A little while back BBC Panorama did a show about this, they met a hacker who explained how easy it is to do this, and I have to agree, it is easy. I'm an Android user and I know how to do it, but again this comes down to the end user problem.

People who buy smart phones but don't change their voice mail PIN, or they do change it, but they change it to 1 2 3 4 or something similar that is easy to guess just from looking at the keyboard, usually it's numbers that are on a horizontal line or a vertical line so people don't forget it.

Unfortunately doing that doesn't make your voice mail PIN number secure, it needs to be random, use sites like to give you a random 4 number PIN.

It's a shame how people think phones aren't anything like computers, they don't need security because they are in your hands and no one else's, but they do, they are mini hand held computers and should be treated the same way as a desktop or laptop computer.

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