Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Google+: Safer than Facebook?

As you have probably seen on the internet, there is an on-going debate over Google+ allowing pseudonym name on their social networking. Right now G+ is still in beta, giving scammers/spammers alike the chance to send out false invitations to Googles social networking site, anyone who doesn't have an account is 99% likely to click the link hoping to get invited to G+.

Google also ban people not using their real names, so to spammers, does that keep them away from Google+? sure there has been lots of scams concerning G+ but not originating from G+.

On the same subject on privacy and safety. Google+ works on a 'circles' system, meaning we can share data and information with a small group of people we choose or an individual compared to Facebook, where it's friends only, or friends of friends, or no one at all.

This is my circle, only 6 people, but I can add a status and only a select few people I choose can see it, does this make your information safer? only those who you want to see your status can see it, I suppose the answer would be yes.

The only downside is when your added to someone else's circle, they can message you without your approval, making it easier for spam/scam messages to be sent out. Google+ is still at a very young age to say it has over 10 million members and Google can and probably will change and upgrade quite a few things before it goes public, sadly this is just one of the dangers of the closed beta stage.

Right now, Google+ looks safer than Facebook, but only time will tell.

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