Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MS Declares Victory Over Linux

I was reading this article on ZDNet today, and it caused something in me to snap.

To me Linux has never been a threat to MS directly, I don't see where MS see the Linux competition from, I like Linux because of the openness of it, allowing me to do what I want to the OS.

Mobile matters. Desktop doesn’t.

Just cause I don't like MS - Android market share owns that of Windows phone.... isn't Androids kernel based on Linux? oh wait it is, Linux isn't a threat? Linux is a bigger threat than MS imagine it to be - Linux was never developed to compete with MS, it was developed and mainly used nowadays for people who are sick of MS and want to try something different.

Linux is free to download - any distro of it, I don't have to pay anyone a penny to legally download ubuntu or Redhat. Lets look at another fact.

Boot discs - I'm sure you can name an awful lot of them, 90% of them are based on Linux. You can call us hackers if you wish, but the Linux community is about sharing in the openness of Linux, we like knowing how things work and reverse engineering and making it our own version of something.

Take a lesson from Sony, I'm fairly certain everyone on the internet saw the attacks on them, and that started because of what they did to Geohot and others, they removed OtherOS and forced me off PSN because I want to keep Linux on my PS3.

Recently Mozilla are planning their own Firefox OS - Guess what? they are planning to base it on....... Linux. MS only say they declare victory now because they've had the market share of OS users now for so long and I doubt that will ever change, Windows will hold claim of the most popular OS, but great things come in small packages and that's what Linux offers. We don't have to rely on anyone else with Linux, like with Windows Updates, if we want something added or changed, we do it ourselves.

MS can declare victory over Linux, but Linux will NEVER die.

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