Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Upgrade From XP, No Thanks

I was reading this article today about about the market share of Microsoft OS's in terms of how much malware effects them quantity wise, and with what is said in the article, I agree, XP is the most vulnerable to attackers.

While XP is still the most popular OS out of them all, it's slowly losing it's market share of users as more stores around the world ship out machines with Windows 7 on them and in the near future, Windows 7 will likely become the most popular OS, which creates a question for attackers. Where will they move onto?

I think we see it enough everyday in the news that Android smartphones are by far the most popular platform to attack just because of the openness and by far the most vulnerable, just like XP is, and we see it everyday that the world is moving onto smart phones. Smartphones ARE computer that we can hold in our hands, laptops and notebooks were the *thing* for a while, but smartphones is where it's at in terms of where the market share will go.

While I work in the computer security community, I do advise most everyday users to upgrade to Windows 7, but frankly the malware problem overall is down to the end users that don't keep up with security patches.

For now though, I'll be one person to keep XP alive, I'm sticking with Windows XP until support stops, then I'll move onto the newest OS (likely be Windows 8 by that time)

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