Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My week in review

So looking back at the past week, lets go over a few things.

First, the infamous Defcon 19 Conference. The tech generating is getting younger and smarter, the 10 year old girl going by the name of CyFi found exploits in farming games by altering the clock to make time go faster, my hats off to you, that's very impressive to say she is just 10 year old.

Mikko Hyponnen gave his awesome talk about how we've been fighting computer malware for 25 years, and how this started with the Brain.a virus. Two articles of his talks about how and why computer virus started appearing online found in these two links: http://goo.gl/sjvWb & http://goo.gl/4tFle

Next we have the UAV that can stay in the air for upto 1hr that can monitor for WiFi signals, phone signals and Bluetooth, and using this is able to track movement of a signal it picks up, pretty cool eh? this is made possible by the 32gb Linux hardrive inside the vehicle to store it's stolen data.

For a roundup of the 2011 Conference, see this excellent article by Threatpost: http://goo.gl/Z680g

Next is the new WiFi standard, for anyone who works in networking will be very familiar with the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard, well now it's time to introduce the next stage in the evolution of standards. Introducing 802.22, a new range of WiFi that allows upto 62 miles away, 12,000 square miles to be exact. This probably wont be seen on devices for another year or so, but don't worry, your router(s) should still be able to use this newer standard.

Something tells me we'll see this going to iPhone/iPads very soon, Apple are usually very quick on the updates, and now the wireless tethering on devices like iPhones and Androids, we may see 802.22 make an early appearance.

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